Freitag, 6. Mai 2011


Hope ya like it


  1. Heey Malo, hows it going there homie..Hope all is well and swell with you and yours. Great new updates!! Like i said before you always hit the mark the color and come up with quite interesting composition! Kool idea to use steampunk!! great look homie keep dropin them gems ;) Me i have bin seriouslly ill and have real big problems with my health this last few weeks bin a hill down by a landslide! Got to much stuff on in my life going on right now to drop some pieces..But in the mean time i got working on some little things once the june hits i'm goin back HARD!! Got some ill stuff to show when the time is right..Hope you good my art buddy take care..


  2. Hey Domas,
    Yeah - everything fine. just my daily business is hitting me hard and im notable to paint as much as i'd like to…
    and this sucks ;)
    Thanks for liking my steampunk stuff. Think I've still have to learn a lot about that theme. but at least it was fun to do.
    Hope everything is OK on your side and you feeling better!!!!!!
    Now I'm curious…

    Take care buddy