Freitag, 22. November 2013


Got the permission to show some of the concepts I did recently for Star Trek Futures.

I have so say that I really enjoyed working on this project! One of these smooth running projects were you have some creative freedom and a great partner on the other end.
Thats why a big thanks goes to Dan. SO THANK YOU!!

And as usual - if you'd like to know more about the project and spread the word…
Go - check it out: STAR_TREK_FUTURE


Trying to get back in the loop…

Dienstag, 19. November 2013


Strange day today. But at least I brought something down on canvas.

Hope you'll like it anyways.

Mittwoch, 13. November 2013


Just a (sort of DMP) practice piece.
Set me a time frame of about 2,5 hours and see what I could do in that frame.

Well - hope you'll like it anyways

And this happen when you spend another 30 to 40 minutes. Especially when you're not really happy with it :)

Dienstag, 12. November 2013




Seems winter is coming in big steps and its absolutely getting colder out here.
Well, this could be a typical November morning situation in a not so far future :)
Hopefully you have some winter boots for your mech :D

Montag, 11. November 2013


More Sci-Fi landscape fun…


Last week I received my copy of the Gothic Art Book were I got featured with an older image of my "T3A"series. Pretty excited and honoured about it. Especially if you see what kind of calibers are in that book!

So a big thanks goes to Cat and the whole team of FlameTreePublishing.

Now go and get a copy of the book :)

Sonntag, 10. November 2013


And as promised a couple of post before…

Here are the follow up labels made for my french mates. Thanks again to both of you:)

More about the beer and yummy tastes - LES BIÈRES DU CRÉPUSCULE

And I'm still thankful for all the visual support from my lovely lady:)


Honestly- this is a big honour for me…
I got featured as a "leading artist" over at digital artist. The forum and site  is about european artist working as concept artists, matte painter and all those creative fields. And you could find many interesting things as well :) Pretty nice and talented people around there.
And therefore its a extra honour for me to get featured on that site.
I really would like to say thanks to "Jockel" and the whole team for this decision.
Thanks a ton!!!

If you'd like to have a peek on it - here we go: digital

Donnerstag, 7. November 2013


And back to landscape.
Still trying to combine my landscapes with some sort of SciFi stuff.
Good fun so far.

Dienstag, 5. November 2013


Just a quick sketch a bit out of my comfort zone. Didn't spent to much time on it more of a practice piece.

Anyways - hope you'll like it.

Samstag, 2. November 2013


just playing around before heading off to some pencil work.
Trying to get inspired…

Freitag, 1. November 2013