Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Freitag, 21. September 2012


Did this sketch while playing around with some new technique / brush.
Its basically just a square brush with some random settings. Kind a like it so far. Guess I'll give a shot more often. To give that mess a bit more sense, I created some fake cover out of it. Well - had a fun time:)

And its been a while since I put my hands on a landscape or an environment. Time to get back to my comfort zone and to see if I'm still able bash a landscape on canvas.
Felt a bit rusty, but finally I brought something to canvas.
Called: chase

Hope you'll like it.

Mittwoch, 19. September 2012


Hi there peeps,

decided to join a challenge over at DA. Its called Creature Feature and its for the bi-weekly challenge from the nice guys at conceptworld.

To be honest - I still suck at creature design! The good thing - learned a lot, tried new brushes and on top of that, I had a good time :)

Any ways - hope you'll enjoy watching it.


and a step-by-step thing…

Montag, 17. September 2012


the poor little guy that believes that the easter bunny is a monster.

More about this book, the author Guy Kessler and the nice guys at BBP will be up soon.

And for sure a link to the Kickstarter Project as well :)

Hope you'll like it.

Freitag, 14. September 2012


And this time - in color :)

Those painting are based on the sketches I did yesterday. Thought it was time to try something new or better to say, a new render technique. Got my new copy of painter 12 yesterday and was willing to do the entire painting in the new tool. To be honest - I failed :) Really dig the app so far. Pretty impressive tool and with lots of nice gadgets/features. DAMN! This app has way more settings you could play then PS have or ever will have.
After a time I decided to get back to my comfort zone - Photoshop. There I have all my brushes and I'm pretty familiar with this tool. Especially after 16 years of "PS-ing". But be save - I'll get back to Painter after I have finished all my actual commission. Then it will be more time to find out, what controller will what ever he has to do:)

Enough of words - here's something to watch. The first one is a more "Bisley-ish" take. Ok - I'm far away from that awesome guy and his superb technique. At least I learned a lot and had a good time :)
Also I did a step-by-step-thingy for the first Bunny. Hope this will a bit of insight. And if someone interested - I could try to do some exploration too.

And another one. Just a sketch which took me roundabout 1,5 hours

Hope you'll like it anyways.

Donnerstag, 13. September 2012


And here we go with another set of good old pencil sketches for the bunny. This time a bit more "stuffed" ones.
I guess I'll go for another color take with number four (last one). Hehe - a good change to get used to my new tool - Painter 12.


Mittwoch, 12. September 2012


Hi there :)

another cool thing happens to me:) I'm currently working on a new book for the awesome guys at Blood Brother Publishing. This time it will be a kind of children's book and written by Guy Kessler. To be honest - a bit more creepy one :D

At the moment I'm just working on some sketches / explorations - basically to find the right style.
What you'll see her will be not the style of the entire book. But it was lots of fun to get back to the good old pencil and to try some new brushes and techniques.

If the project is "on air" at Kickstarter, I'll post a link here. So stay tuned ;)

Till then…
something to watch.

Dienstag, 11. September 2012


And here we go with the last one - number twelve.

Guess I'll put them beside until I start working on the calendar. Maybe there will be some changes or maybe not. Will see how those fellahs fit into the design or vice versa.

Hope you'll like it.


Montag, 10. September 2012



it took me some time - but finally found some time for another puppet.
Really not sure ig I like this little dude, but its worth a post.

Guess - I could call him the lil' lord of the puppet. Hopefully I'll find more time to work on it and for puppet number 12 as well.

Hope you'll enjoy watching the lil' lord :)

Donnerstag, 6. September 2012


And some more updates :)

Besides all my other projects and daily stuff, I'm working together with the awesome guys from Lunar Engima  on a pretty sweet game project. To be honest - the game sounds pretty interesting and absolutely promising.

If you'd like to now more - check out their Blog
For now - some artworks I did during the last weeks or so. There's is still more, but have to wait until I get permission to post.

Again - hope you'll like it.


Hi there,

Sorry again for the lack of updates. Its still busy here and I'm working on lot of commissioned stuff at the moment.
Got permission to post some of my recent stuff. So, well, here we go…

This was a book cover I made for Blood brother Publishing. The book is called "The Breed" and its written by Guy Kessler.

On top of that, I did some creature concept for an upcoming book - also produced by the nice guys from Blood Brother Publishing. Right now I'm not able to talk a lot about the project, but expect some more news soon.

Hope you'll like it.


Samstag, 1. September 2012


Some times ago I got a mail from Michael, where he asked if he could use one of my image for his upcoming "Sol Rising" magazine issue. I really liked the magazine and we had a deal:)
On top of that I got featured with some of my other images and a small article about myself.

A huge thanks goes to you Michael for your nice and warm words! Much much appreciated!!!

If you're interested in that magazine - here's the download link: Sol_Rising


Hi there :)

Its still busy here and I really hope to show something pretty soon. But for now just words.

I was asked some time ago from a pretty nice guy - called Jess - if I could share some of my progress step for my puppets. And I did :)

Jess did a great job and the site looks pretty good, too. The site is a really good source for inspiration and for those they want to step into digital painting. You should definitely check out the site!

@ Jess - thanks a bunch for the invitation and for showing interest in my poor stuff. Really much appreciated!!!