Freitag, 14. September 2012


And this time - in color :)

Those painting are based on the sketches I did yesterday. Thought it was time to try something new or better to say, a new render technique. Got my new copy of painter 12 yesterday and was willing to do the entire painting in the new tool. To be honest - I failed :) Really dig the app so far. Pretty impressive tool and with lots of nice gadgets/features. DAMN! This app has way more settings you could play then PS have or ever will have.
After a time I decided to get back to my comfort zone - Photoshop. There I have all my brushes and I'm pretty familiar with this tool. Especially after 16 years of "PS-ing". But be save - I'll get back to Painter after I have finished all my actual commission. Then it will be more time to find out, what controller will what ever he has to do:)

Enough of words - here's something to watch. The first one is a more "Bisley-ish" take. Ok - I'm far away from that awesome guy and his superb technique. At least I learned a lot and had a good time :)
Also I did a step-by-step-thingy for the first Bunny. Hope this will a bit of insight. And if someone interested - I could try to do some exploration too.

And another one. Just a sketch which took me roundabout 1,5 hours

Hope you'll like it anyways.

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