Sonntag, 10. November 2013


Honestly- this is a big honour for me…
I got featured as a "leading artist" over at digital artist. The forum and site  is about european artist working as concept artists, matte painter and all those creative fields. And you could find many interesting things as well :) Pretty nice and talented people around there.
And therefore its a extra honour for me to get featured on that site.
I really would like to say thanks to "Jockel" and the whole team for this decision.
Thanks a ton!!!

If you'd like to have a peek on it - here we go: digital


  1. I'm sorry for saying this, but you're a really handsome man :D

  2. Gratulation! :)

    Auf mich wirkt dein "Lebenslauf"-Artikel übrigens sehr motivierend!

    1. Hey Looona,

      Danke dir!
      Freut mich zu hören. Ist vielleicht ein kleiner Beweis, dass man nicht immer studieren muss und man sein Ziel auch auf Umwegen erreichen kann:)
      Dank noch mal!