Donnerstag, 22. September 2011

3D TOTAL (22092011)

Don't know what to say than THANKS!!!!!

My image "SPACE_HARBOR" received an Excellence Award on "3DTotal".

and a golden eye award as well ;)

Thanks again to Simon and the whole 3D total team for their constant support and not getting bored of my stuff!

All the best


  1. Hey Kash - Thanks a ton my friend! Hope everything is fine on your side - still waiting for some new eye candy from you :D

  2. All is fine, my friend!) If you have spare time, do not be afraid check my `sketch blog`... almost everyday updated) Keep rocking, buddy!! \m/

  3. Hey Kash,
    good to hear that!! Sure thing - I definitely will check it out.
    You as well, buddy!!