Montag, 28. November 2011


called "meet you on the other side"…

Hope you'll like it.


  1. Very nice, Markus! The composition colour and Depth are awesome. I wonder how he's gonna get to the other side? :D

  2. Hey Pappy,
    Thanks so much for the compliment. Much appreciated my friend. Hehe - good question!:) Well - maybe I'll find a way for him in one of my next images:)

  3. Hey, do you mind if I ask you how you do your rocks? They look great, realistic but with some simplicity to them, not overly done. You seem to have somewhat similar style rocks in your "taking a break" image as well. It looks like you might be using a "rock" brush rather than just a square brush and doing it all by hand.

    Great colors on this piece as well.

  4. @ Alex - Thanks a lot!

    @ Robert - I don't mind at all:) Ask what ever you want to know:) Thanks for the compliment. much appreciated! Well - I do have some texture brushes, but the main shape of the rocks/mountains are mostly painted by hand. Just the textures are added by using customized brushes and shapes. I did a quick screen cap on how I paint my rocks…
    here's the link :
    The video shows my process on painting rocks/ mountains. Hope this will be a bit of help. And if you have any questions - just drop me a line :)