Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2011


Hey guys and gals,
Sorry for being quiet again. Its still busy - lot of work on both sides of my jobs :)

But managed to paint some landscapes.
Hope you'll like it!



  1. Love the first one Malo, something els, i like that! changing up from time to time is a good look ;) Bin quiet myself for a minute( quiet preferring to posting on a blog) But bin working hard on sketching and painting gonna post my mine up soon as well. Like you bin hella busy but good work as allways Malo!

  2. Hey Malo, these pieces are awesome, although the top image, the plane/ ship thing is a little hard to read where it is in the scene. I assume it is in flight, but its hard to tell at what height its at. Great colour use as always.

  3. @ Domas - Thanks a bunch, buddy. Thanks for the kind words! Its pretty busy here - so not much time to post. But I'll have a look at your blog soon. Hope to see some sketches there :)
    Take care!

    @ Rob - Thanks a lot for the compliment! Yeah - you're right. Maybe I'll get back to it and play around with the shadow - which is to soft and not really defined.
    Thanks again, mate!