Montag, 9. Januar 2012


What a great start into 2012!!!

my image "DOWN_THE ROAD" is published in the latest 2d Artist Magazine issue.
And on top of that - a tutorial for the image "KEEP_THE_STREETS_EMPTY" I wrote quiet a while ago is also published in this issue. Go check it out and buy it:)


Thanks to Simon and the whole 3D Total team! Big hug and happy new year (lately):D

Also you'll find another tutorial I did for the bunch of awesome guys and gals at 3D Total in the next issue…


  1. WoooW! man! Cool!
    Congrats!! \m/

  2. Hey Kash!!!!
    Thanks so much my friend!!! Hope you had a great start into the big "12".
    I'll get back to you soon:) Still have to finish up a bit here.
    Also I'll have a sneak peak on your blog soon:)
    Take care, mate!