Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013


I'm feeling pretty much honored right now.

The awesome guys over at 3D_Total made a new Game_Art_Challenge and the idea of this challenged is pretty much based on my T3A stuff.

Dear Mr. BiG ToE-3DT - THANKS A TON!!! Really much appreciated.

So - if you're into 3D and you'd like to show your skills - go and be part of it:) Here's the link: Game_Art_Challenge_16
Oh - registration required ;)
Thanks again to the nice guys and gals over at 3DT


  1. very cool idea and congrats. I will try and enter... but i have so much work on at the moment!

    1. Hey rob,
      Thanks! Would love to see some of your takes.
      Hope things are fine on your side (besides much works:) )

  2. Things are all good, just lots of university work going. Stuff like dissertations and making employment packages. So little time to paint, just got the new Intuous 5, yet to properly use it.