Donnerstag, 14. Februar 2013


and here we go with the second part of the video.

Hope you'll like it.



  1. very cool, although i'm not too good at characters there were some cool techniques and methods in these. Also, i am glad i am not the only one who uses loads of layers. I watch feng zhu vids, and it blows my mind how he can use like 3 layers. Finally, what did you use to capture this?

    1. Hey Rob,

      Thanks a bunch and glad you like it:) Oh well - I'm not as good, too. Lots of thing to learn.
      Hehe - layers are awesome. Especially if you have to go forth and back. I tried it a few time to just work on just three or four layers - not really get used to it. Big fan of layer effects and flexibility:)
      I used Quick time for the screen cap and made the editing in After Effects. Kind a like the quick time feature:)
      Cheers and thanks again!