Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013


I had the pleasure to work with the nice guys from GONDEFIRE PRODUCTION on a new and upcoming game called HARVEST.

Heres a short description of the game and the story…

In the future, a chemical war took place leaving 99% of the Earth's population unable to produce offspring.

The remaining fertile humans are crucial to the survival of mankind, however they begin to disappear mysteriously.

You will play as a detective in Detroit working to solve the case and help save the world from human extinction.

HARVEST is a 2D Graphic Adventure Game. Everything in Harvest is operated through menus. Basic commands are used, such as Look, Investigate and Move. You can also go into your item menu to use tools to aid in your investigation. There will be actions sequences throughout the game as well.

If you like the idea and you're willing to support it - go and check out the Kickstarter campaign…

And here some of the initial artwork I did for HARVEST.

Cheers and thanks for the support.

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