Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014


Hi there,

I had the pleasure to work on a tutorial for the awesome guys over at 2D Artist Magazine.
The tut ist about creating a new world in some sort of a studio set up. I really had a great time doing this tutorial and hope it will give a bit of an insight.

If you're interested - go and check it out: 2D Artist Magazine 100th Issue

And here is the image:)


  1. Thanx for making me discover 2D Artist magazine, I just subscribed the other day, great stuff and your tutorial is well inspiring and clear. I never use Custom shapes, guess I will now, very useful. Are the free shapes and brushes linked with your tutorial some of your owns?

    1. Hey Sebastien, you're most welcome:) The shapes are a pretty nice tool and speed up the whole process. Yup - those are mine and free to use:)

    2. Excellent, I've made a quick painting of the yeti last night using them, they are awesome!