Freitag, 21. Oktober 2011


WOW! Just WOW!
One of my "projects" (thats how portfolios/projects are called over at Behance Network) are featured and promoted of "DigitalArtServed".

Thats really a big honor for me (especially I'm on the same site as my all time hero's Rainart and the guys from Steambot Studios)

A big thanks to Oscar for picking me and my work!


  1. Congrats, mate!
    I also been at front page on the same site ==>

    Anyway - cool!! PR! Mate!

  2. Hey Kash,
    Thanks a lot my friend. Cool and congrats as well!!! Haha - the world is just a small playground:)

    Yup! I think PR is one of the most important things nowadays. And personal contacts - i guess.
    We should share our knowledge (but without doubt - you're more experienced than I am)

    Take care

  3. Once again my friend, congrats!! your getting more and more recondition! You deserve it ;) love the new stuff, always interesting to see whats next on the plate once i visit your blog :) keep it up!!

    ps i got some new work posted, if you got a minute check it out, would appreciate it :)

    Bless Malo


  4. @ Domas - Thank you, buddy! Hopefully ;) Thanks for liking my new stuff as well. Hehe - me as well. Happy painting accidents all the time - but I like it a lot;)

    Sure thing - I'll have a sneaky one this evening
    Take care, mate!

  5. DUDE, you better get your studio setup, you'll be going freelance full-time any day now! :)

  6. Hey Mike,
    Thanks a lot, mate!!! Yeah this would be awesome, hopefully it happen someday;)