Montag, 10. Oktober 2011


sketch thingy from today. really not sure about it…


  1. Achtung ! Here is my Kommentar !
    It's a nice sketch MAlo ! GG again.
    I'm jealous and impressed by all the awards you have !

  2. Maaaaaaaannnnn!!!!
    So coool!!! 0_o !!!

  3. @ Kherns - Un grand merci à mes amis ;)
    Thanks, bro! Hope to find the time tomorrow to push it way further. Don't be jealous - just some happy accidents happen to me;)

    @ Kash - Thanks a ton, buddy! Glad you like it. Hope I could please you with an update tomorrow ;)

  4. Hey Kherns,

    eh - no:D I ask google :D Do you speak german?
    Hope you don't mind but english, german and a bit of italian is more than enough, mate ;)

  5. Hey no probs Malo, I know a litle bit of german words, cause when I was young I was a fanatic of german WW2 military tanks and planes (they had really good designs :) ) and as I was doing model kits. I regret my childhood, but by that time I had no airbrush so painting them was sucking :)

  6. @ Kherns - LOL!!! Thats cool. Yeah - they had some pretty cools designs! It seems we having some similarities - I was more just to battle ships;) Yeah - painting all those tiny little details - painful :D