Freitag, 30. Januar 2015


with some more updates…


  1. Once again, your paintings all lookmagnificient and powerful Markus, the middle one is especially gorgeous though (as far as I'm concerned)... I was wondering, do you use the posterize tool at an early stage in the process of your paintings?

    1. Hey Sebastien,
      As usual - many thanks for the kind words! Thanks! Glad you like it. As for the posterize tool - I don't use it at all. I do use customized shapes a lot. Especially if it comes to structure an textures.

    2. Ok, many thanx for answering Markus! I think I have watched and read most of your tutorials but I'd love to see a tutorial where you show us how you use those shapes, that would be great if you'd like to share (unless I missed it :))