Donnerstag, 31. März 2011


Watch out, they coming ;)


  1. Hey Malo,

    How do you go about your Color? You always seem to hit the mark with the lovely color balance. I really like you sphere you get with your colors :) Another great speedy.

  2. Hey Domas,

    Thanks again ;) Well - it really depends on which result I'd like to receive. On landscape I usually start blocking in with colors while I start with a greyscale image for characters. Later on I add some soft light layers on top of the greyscale image to find the right mood and colors. I really use often the color balance tool for adjusting the final look. Adding a colored ramp with soft light on top of your image will give some nice color effects as well.

    I think I used this technique also on the screen cap I did a while ago (the video tut)

    Take care and cheers, buddy

  3. Ahyes i see, interesting manner and approach towards your work what concerns color. So basically you don't plan out ahead before you start, you just do it when you actually paint :) Kool! never thought of that but yes i'm gonna see that video again to check it out exactly. And sure thing, great update :)

    ps i got an update as well so if you got a free minute drop by :)

    take care homie