Montag, 28. März 2011


Just a 45 minutes speedie from today…


  1. For 45 minutes it's very well made. i checked your video on how you go about your work :) it's interesting how you combine things.. I have a question rather perhaps would like to get some of your knowledge and opinion perhaps if you could share ofcourse. I'm working on my first environment painting from scratch, not live paintings nor photograph based but truly thought out kinda design. Started from thumbnail and working my way up to color palette. I uploaded my wip on my blog and i would like to ask you if you could take a look and perhaps give some tips on what i could improve and perhaps point out mistakes or strong points. i'm not sure where 100 percent how to go about since it's my first thats why i would really like to get some expert or allot more experienced somebody that could take a look. I got this plant shipyard/industrial environment going on i laid down the sky and ruffed out the the rest so yeah if you can take a look would really really appreciate it buddy :)


  2. Thanks!! The image have a huge lack of detail - but i think this will be a good base to work more on it (maybe ;) ) For sure, pal!

  3. Yeah definitely, it's a base i laid down for the future work on it, but rather the lack of detail(for moment) is there anything els that you think could help me to a better start? But anyways appreciate allot Malo :) and yeah likewise your welcome

  4. oh - sorry!!! I meant mine :D
    watching yours right now ;)