Donnerstag, 10. März 2011


today‘s speedies…


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  2. Hey man, i was meaning to ask ya, how long do you go over your speedpaintings? :) And do you use one type of brush or mix up? I find it allot more interesting to mix it up but it's time consuming. If you could answer would be much appreciated

  3. Hey Domas, thanks for posting again. Usualy I'll spend not more than 1 - 2 hours for a speedpaint. I try to keep it loose and focusing just on the mood.
    It's a mixture of brushes.
    Mostyl I work with a round (hard edge) brush, a square one (squeezed) and some kind of customized brush for blocking in my values and some details. For technical shapes I use customized brushes - makes live easier ;)
    Also I get more and more used to a new technique - called customized shapes. A technique that sparth developed.
    The shapes you're creating are based on a B/W image, select the black areas, copy that to a new layer make a selection and convert the selection into a clipping path (or work path). With the path selected go to the main top menue (where the setting for creating own brushes is also located) and use "own shapes…".
    So you'll get some crisp edges ‘cause this "elemnt" is based on a path and solution independend :)

    You're really welcome, mate ;)

    If you have any questions - just let me know or write me a mail :D

  4. First off i really wanna thank you for being a really kool person and getting back at me with this much info :) i really appreciate! I'm gonna have to try it out on photoshop since i primarily work only on painter. It gives me more of a painterly feeling to it, photoshop is absolutely great as well but for some reason i always preferred painter. But now that you explained how you go about your work, got me really interested in trying out more photoshop work :) I'm gonna try this weekend and see what do i do get from it. And no problem your work is really inspirational, just by lookin at it i learn allot, and yeah appreciate the offering will sure do, don't worry won't bother to much with the questions :p :)