Mittwoch, 30. März 2011


A more medieval take this time


  1. Love the colors on this piece, The greens and the different browns really come well together and the little blue night is a touch. For inspiration do you read books of any kind? To expand your imagination horizon? I like the way you use tree brushes to give the feeling of the roots from the flying island :) Great update as usual homie! By the way i have an update of my own, i quick and a small one, right now it's not about the speed its about understanding. I believe once i have the understanding and enough milage i will be able to pick up the paste allot quicker. So if you wish stop by allways appreciated :)

    Bless & cheers


  2. Hey buddy!
    Thanks again!!! Not really - haven't much time for that. But it happens from time to time and when it happens those are mostly thriller, etc ;) What gives me inspiration is to watch art books from the old masters and the new geniuses (those sick and awesome concept artist around the world). The web is also a kind of inspiration.
    But most of my images are happy accidents. I start blocking in shapes and values until I see anything I like and than I try to flash it out.
    Thats for sure! Learning and understanding is always a long way - and this way will never end ;) I think a good way to speed up progress is to know your tool exactly. When I take a look back - I'm working in PS since 15 years now and I'd like to say that I know a lot about PS. But there is still a lot to learn. But from what I've seen on your blog you're on a good way. So keep at it :)

    Cheers, pal!!!

  3. Oh no doubt Malo, always your welcome :) I really appreciate that you share this with us. When i found your blog i knew this one was a keeper! I love quality work, and i know one when i see one so it was a keeper no doubt about it. And i feel you on the inspiration point. I admit that looking at other amazing artists is really inspirational and you get sence of urge to get better like 100x. But i tend to try to find inspiration els where cause i get caught up sometimes with all the work i see and i get influenced by it to much perhaps. But yeah Old masters rock! I love me some rembrandt, Some rococo period artwork or that school of barbizon landscapes. Simply amazing :) It's life process, the minute you stop learning the minute is when you stop living, i feel everything can be educational and useful in life. I try to learn constantly. Thank you for checking out the rest of my work on the blog. I haven't posted all my work i do or done, i actually started and still am doing cartoon style characters and concept designs sinds my life goal is to reach Pixar witch is my life focus, it's gonna take allot of hard work, passion, struggle stress and of course painting and drawing till that day comes, I'm not gonna rest. I really love this craft i came a long way to tell you the truth, I wake up at 4 4:30 just so i could practice and get better at it. took extra to years to finish high school so i could do art academy/design college and be top of my class, not saying anything by that but yeah i love this, i feel really blessed that i'm amble to do this and get learn so much and many great people along the way. By the way of course i'm glad we could chat up like that homie always a pleasure :) anyways i took up already to much of your space on the blog so gonna be looking forward to your next update

    take care n bless