Donnerstag, 21. April 2011


Heya, didn't post a lot over the past few days. I've some kind of vacation at the moment and that's the time I didn't post or paint a lot. Mainly I use this spare time to "recharge" my battery ;)

got permission to post some work I did over a long time for a game called "Distinctions". The game is frozen right now and maybe it will be resurrected in summer. Maybe…
At this point I've to say thanks to Andrew aka Shaftling again for picking me to be part of the team.
I worked as a concept art lead on that project and I've to say that I learned a lot in that time…

I really hope this project will be resurrected in summer - was a lot of fun to work on it.

But now some stuff I did…

Starting with some rough pencils for prop and environment designs:

some shape explorations…

Environments designs…

Character designs…

well - I think this is all I've to post at the moment. Hope you will enjoy


  1. Niceeee update Malo, hell yeah!! I love every piece of it, but i really like the environment designs with the tents and the character design with the guy that looks like from god of war :) The different versions of it are hella nice, like the variety of it :) Great update :). I hope this game will be ressurected would love to see the outcome actually. This motivated me even more, i'm going to post my stuff hopefully today or the day before sunday, i still got allot of writing to do :( Once i'm done with the research paper and back at posting on the daily basis, makes me sick to my stomach when i think about that i haven't drawn almost 5 days :x :s not to count the week when it a total fiasco but anyways LOVE THE UPDATE homie!! Great work as always. The color palette is solid

    cheers and bless


  2. Hi Malo
    really amazing updated, buddy, I like alot all works posted especially those of the environements Designs and Character designs ...

  3. nice update, man!
    environments are best)

  4. The characters are my favs, really nice characterization, and interesting shapes and gear

  5. @ Domas - Thanks buddy!!!! Yeah - hopefully. Was a lot of fun and a lot of learning ;)Whats the research paper for?

    @ Abdelali - Thanks, man!!! lad you like the character design. Wasn't 100% sure about it!

    @ Simon - Thanks!!! Yeah - environs are a bit easier for me. Hills don't have anatomy - lol

    @ Paolo - Thanks a ton, pal!!! Wow - makes me doing more character stuff (and anatomy studies)

    @ Stryke - DANKE DIR ;)