Mittwoch, 6. April 2011


blah :)
roundabout 1,5 hours


  1. Great update Malo! Kool composition and sphere :) By the way do you ever switch up, what concerns use of technique, try out each time other brush or other tool to see what you get out of it? I like the detail in the tree trunk..and oh yeah pretty quick for 1,5 hours :)

    ps got an update myself, little but an update. Have allot of work on my college projects to design and stuff so couldn't post it other days so if you got a free minute drop by..

    keep rockin homie

    :) bless

  2. Awesome work malo ~ a very beautiful technique and beautiful colors !

  3. @ Domas - Thanks again ;) Not really. I've developed a technique I'm quiet happy with it. For sure - I use different brushes or create my own ones. But this depends on my needs. What I actually do is working with a technique that was developed by Sparth - customized shapes. Pretty impressive how fast you get some results and than just painting over and erasing unnecessary "things" . I also use a lot the selection tool. A superb tool to create some random shapes and than again - painting and erasing ;)

    I will, buddy ;)

    @ Abdelali - Thanks a ton, pal :D Glas you like it!!

  4. oh yeah, absolutely, your technique is quite exquisite and i feel like it does represent well you if i may say so :) I got vacation coming up this next week even tho i have allot of work to do with writing these papers and such i'm gonna explore more and start incorporating photoshop step by step more and see where i get with it :) But i feel you on the customization of brushes, you can see the different in detail so it plays out well..Good look :)

    and your welcome homie, By the way thanks also for checking mine out :)


  5. Hey Domas.
    thanks for the compliment;) Sounds like a good approach - vacation are always good for experimenting with new tools;)Yeah - those "C"-brushes made my life much easier - lol.
    Thanks again ;)

    I'll take a look at your actual update this evening.

    So - keep rockin' buddy