Donnerstag, 7. April 2011


Today's speedpaint


  1. I must say you make the dark colors blend very well. I really like your feel for the color palette. the brown of the earth plays out wel with the rest of the tones, very simple yet very kool and neat :) good looking. Reminds me i need to put up a new painting up, these last few days were super busy and stressful so this weekend gonna make up for it. Anyways nice update, looking forward to some more character designs :)


  2. Heya ;)
    Good thing about my colors is that PS gives you a ton of tools for tweaking them ;) I think I felt in love with color balance and the use of a soft light layer to add additional tones to my images.
    I know those days pretty well ;) But try to paint at least a bit per day - that's hat I do. Always try to get a image per day - like the apple and the doctor :P

    Hope to post some character stuff sonn.

    Cheers, mate!

  3. Oh yeah absolutely, i feel very very stressed out when i don't get a painting done a day, i'm gonna do one what ever happens. But usually the issue is that i get stuck thinking to long about what i'm gonna paint at times, i spend couple of hours just doodling and thinking about an idea, thats really stressful. Cause in the mean time i could have painted something. But yeah no doubts about it, photoshop seems to have good tools to tweak colors, i messed a bit before but never to that extend. Good looking Malo,

    Bless homie :)

  4. Same to me :) except weekends - those are the days I recharge my batteries. If its possible.
    Hmm - about your workflow or "think flow". Maybe it's a good thing just to let the brush flow. Sometime you will get some pretty good results or a base just by blocking in colors/values/etc. In this phase happy accidents will happen. and those "accidents" are a good way to work on further.
    Maybe you will find the time to dive deeper into PS - great tool.

    Thanks, homie;)

    enjoy your weekend and paint, paint, paint :)

  5. Thanks for advice Malo, i really appreciate it :) And yeah i'm gonna try that out, i think it's a good way to get it going sometimes when you out of ideas. And yess, i will do it so starting this week, explore each day for an hour to start to mess more with photoshop. Thank you and same to you and i will absolutly do so even if i'm out of ideas!! My arm shakes and i get nervous if i don't paint or draw same to you Buddy :) ;)

    take care