Sonntag, 17. April 2011


added a bit here and there…

no idea what to add more.


  1. well done buddy ,the scene is really nice ~ i like it so much

  2. Hey Abdelali,

    Thanks again, man. I'm still thinking about to add a bit more here and there - but not sur. Will see ;)

  3. Love the update Malo!! :) Ship breakers, great colors as allways and yeah composition ir nicee. I thought about doing such piece with ships but never executed didn't feel the palette but anyways great work, gonna update my work this week. Had a really awful week it killed my line of work but i'm back :)

    Great update and bless homie ;)

  4. Hey Domas,
    Thanks homie!! Thought to do another one - the last one is a year ago…
    I think I'm still struggling with adding details to my stuff ;) Colors are easy, but at the point it comes to details - I suck!
    Will definitely have a look at it this week!!!

    Thanks again and take care, mate!

  5. Your welcome ;) and i feel you on that issue, ships are great to paint especially when their broken :p I can tell you the detail shouldn't be over developed tho, i think it's hard to get exact amount of detail where the piece is just right, i'm learning that two yet :) I think it's just the question of time. Keep it up Malo, and you don't suck at it, you rock!! ;) And thx homie, i have soo much to do this week, i gotta write this research paper for college witch is due over 12 days and i still have lots of writing to do so i"'m gonna try to do as much as painting as i can, never give up on that!

    thank you and take care as well!